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Research and Development

Rockingham can offer a flexible, discrete venue for R&D, testing and proving, with three circuits able to operate simultaneously and fourteen different circuit configurations available, as well as the UK’s only wet grip facility with a kick-plate and various off-road areas.

  • Overseen by 24-hour security
  • Sheltered from inquisitive photographers and public
  • Operate from fully equipped garages or modern conference and meeting spaces
  • Broadband wireless internet, full catering are all available on request.

Track Hire

  • R&D testing programmes
  • 14 Circuit configuration
  • Discrete & secure location
  • Exclusive/shared track hire
  • Wet Grip facility with kick plate

For prices and further information please contact Natalie Rees

T: 01536 271525

E: Natalie.Rees@rockingham.co.uk



Wet Grip Facility

The facility is based in the centre of the circuit at Rockingham, with separate access road from the main paddock.

There are two main surfaces, basalt tile (Mu Value of 0.1- ice) and the performance surface (Mu Value 0.6-wet leaves).

Max Speed:

This is dependant on the vehicle and its weight but this is an approx. 35-40mph

Max Weight:

Both the performance surface and the basalt tiles are limited to vehicles that are under two tonnes

The kick-plate limit for vehicles is also two tonnes

Minimum Temperatures:

The wet grip sprinklers must not be operated at less than 5 degrees celsius to prevent the system from freezing

The layout is self draining so this does not need to be done during the winter months

General Technical Data
Max allowed vertical load (max. vehicle axle load)2.0 ton
Gross vehicle weight rating for using the kick plate2.0 ton
Allowed speed range25 – 65 km/h (15 – 40 miles/h)
Min/Max vehicle axle distance1.5 – 4.1m
Thruway distance2.9 m
Width of moveable plate in route direction2.7 m
Max. drive speed of the kick plate3.0 m/s
Max. attainable acceleration of the kick plate15 m/sÇ
Max. kick distance of the vehicle35 cm
Max. kick distance of the vehicle180/h or 3/min

I thoroughly enjoyed the track and enjoyed ample time in the car. It was extremely well run with a friendly and helpful atmosphere, I just wish all the track days I have visited were a little more like this!

James Beardwell

I wanted to contact you to say what a great venue you have at Rockingham. The catering, the staff, the driving instruction, the circuit and facilities were all excellent. The refreshments provided on the track day were much appreciated as was the use of the pit lane garages. I have been highly recommending you to my friends and look forward to returning myself.

Gary Pycroft

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