Rockingham General Test Day – 08/06/18


Rockingham’s next test session will take place on the International Supersports Car Circuit Long

Event Date: 08/06/18
Noise Limit: 105db

Car/Driver Details

Type of Car * 

Additional Drivers

The first additional driver is able to register free of charge

ARDS Instructor

ARDS Instructors are now permitted to sit in as a passenger free of charge


Timing can be viewed online and individual timing sheets at end of day via email.

Transponder Number

If you have booked timing, please provide your transponder number, this can also be forwarded via e-mail after booking.

Transponder Hire

Transponders hired for live timing. Transponders will be ready for collection at registration.

Test Day Terms and Conditions * 

Please check the details carefully before continuing your booking. You should read the Test Day Terms and Conditions, in particular relating to noise restrictions and driver requirements.



Rockingham General Test Day – 08/06/18

  • Testing is available to all drivers with a valid MSA/FIA approved race licence, driving race specification cars. Drivers under 18 must have their indemnity form countersigned by a parent/guardian on the day.
  • Testing will take place on either the ISSC Circuit (1.94 mile) or ISSC Long Circuit (2.04 mile) in sessions (please refer to the advertised circuit on the booking page).
  • Access and session times will be confirmed via email prior to the event.
  • Garages can be booked in advance or on the day, subject to availability.
  • The Rockingham Fuel Station will be open at set times during the day. Opening times will be confirmed via email prior to the event.

Please note: Rockingham reserves the right to change circuit configuration, session times and garage allocations on the day


07:00 – access to paddock/garages

08:00 – sign on Garage 35/36

08:45 – familiarisation laps available

09:00 – track live in sessions (tbc)

12:30 – lunch

13:30 – track live in sessions (tbc)

17:00 – end

Please note: Rockingham reserve the right to change timings on the day

Junior Drivers

Drivers under 18 must have their indemnity form countersigned by a parent/guardian on the day.

AGE 16

  • Must hold a valid MSA licence or UK Junior Licence
  • Can participate in any test day in any car
  • No instructor required

AGE 14 -15

  • Must hold a valid MSA Licence or UK Junior Licence
  • Must drive a Junior championship car
  • Instructor (ARDS A or S grade) required at all times unless a “Junior Test/Open Day” or exclusive “Junior session”
  • No Junior single seaters to mix with seniors (general or competitor testing). Junior single seaters will have the option of participating in designated a Junior test day or session
  • All drivers must display their Junior car sticker which will be issued by Rockingham on the day

Extended Testing Booking Conditions

  • All dates advertised are open for booking and available on a first come first served basis
  • Rockingham reserve the right to change session times according to type cars/number of bookings
  • Should your test day be affected by adverse weather conditions Rockingham reserve the right to: a. Change circuit configuration b. Re-schedule the day
  • Payment transactions will be processed on receipt of a booking form
  • Cancellations must be received in writing seven working days prior to the test day
  • Payment on the day will not be accepted and may result in losing your place
  • Our fuel station on occasion may not be open – please refer to your confirmation email for details
  • On test days Rockingham do not permit drivers to swap their booking with other teams/drivers without prior permission. Drivers must firstly cancel their booking with Rockingham in order for that to be allocated to the person at the top of the Reserve list. Anyone given a place without prior permission from Rockingham, will be automatically excluded from the day and the booking will not be refunded
  • Please refer to T&C’s


In Car Filming 

  • Permission for the use of an in car camera must be received from Rockingham and be for personal, non-commercial use only. Forms are available on request.
  • Hand held cameras are not permitted. Fixed cameras must be securely mounted with fixed brackets, not tape or suction cups. These will be checked by the pit lane marshal and Rockingham reserve the right to refuse access to any car with unsafe camera mountings.
  • In the event of an accident, you must make all such images/footage available to Rockingham Motor Speedway Ltd and agree not to post such images/footage on social media sites including but limited to YouTube.
  • Film crews are not permitted on test days without prior permission from Rockingham. All commercial filming is subject to charge. Anyone who is found to be producing commercial content without prior permission will be asked to leave the venue.