Rockingham Track Day Taster Sessions – 10/11/2018

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Get a flavour of Rockingham’s track day with our £40 taster sessions


Rockingham Track Day Taster Sessions – 10/11/2018

Ever fancied taking your car on track but don’t want to commit to a full track day until you’ve tried it?

Rockingham’s track day taster sessions let you put yourself and car to the test away from the restrictions of the UK roads. The session takes place on Rockingham’s 1.94 Mile International Super Sports Car Circuit. Its mix of high-speed sweeping bends and low speed technical sections – perfect for those on their first day.

Further Information


  1. All dates advertised are open for booking and available on a first come first served basis  
  2. Rockingham reserve the right to change session times according to type cars / no. bookings  
  3. Should your track day be affected by adverse weather conditions Rockingham reserve the right to: 
    a. Change circuit configuration  
    b. Re-schedule the track day  
  4. Payment transactions will be processed on receipt of booking form  
  5. Cancellations will not be refunded
  6. Payment on the day will not be accepted and may result in losing your place  
  7. All drivers must wear an appropriate helmet
  8. All cars must adhere to a 98db noise limit refuse or revoke track access for any car in breach of this limit, without a refund at any time
  9. Fuel – available from the fuel station for one hour prior to the start of the day and during the lunch hour