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Disabled Information

We have great facilities for visitors with disabilities. We have a designated disabled parking area, which is concrete and situated just over 100 metres from the main grandstand. All the pedestrian areas are also concrete and there is access to the seating area via a lift, and on level 3 there are also a number of disabled bays for wheelchairs.

You are not restricted to just the grandstand though, there is lift access to a pedestrian tunnel which takes you to the racing paddock and again this is all on a level ground. You can also watch the action from the top of the pit garage roof, which again can be accessed using the lift.

There are disabled toilets across the site too. As for tickets we offer a free complimentary tickets for carers. So you would need to purchase one adult ticket and then send your  booking details along with proof of your disability to marketing@rockingham.co.uk and we will arrange to send your complimentary ticket to you separately.

Standard Grandstand Seat

If you require a complimentary carers ticket for a standard grandstand seat you can book this via our website. We will supply you with a unique code which you will need to input in the redeem code box at the top of the ticket booking page. This will enable you to buy one, get one free while reserving seats.

Disabled Bays

If you require you access to the disabled bay. You will need to purchase your tickets through me, and I will issue you with both the ticket you have purchased and your complimentary carers’ tickets. I will be able to allocate a set bay, however this will be on a first come, first serve basis.

General Admission

If you do not require access to the grandstand, you can purchase a general admission ticket. To receive your complimentary carers ticket, you will need to purchase your adult ticket from SEE Tickets via the website and then email me with your booking reference details and we will send the complimentary carers’ ticket separately.

I thoroughly enjoyed the track and enjoyed ample time in the car. It was extremely well run with a friendly and helpful atmosphere, I just wish all the track days I have visited were a little more like this!

James Beardwell

I wanted to contact you to say what a great venue you have at Rockingham. The catering, the staff, the driving instruction, the circuit and facilities were all excellent. The refreshments provided on the track day were much appreciated as was the use of the pit lane garages. I have been highly recommending you to my friends and look forward to returning myself.

Gary Pycroft

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